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New Jersey Divorce Litigation

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you need a Superior Court Judge to resolve one or more of the issues relating to your New Jersey divorce case.
And when you do, you need a New Jersey divorce lawyer who has been litigating New Jersey divorce cases for many years and will vigorously advocate on your behalf.


How Long Does the Court Process Take in New Jersey?


Litigating a New Jersey Divorce case includes the entire court process, from the filing of the Complaint for Divorce until the trial, following which the Judge will issue a decision.

The reality is that, in New Jersey, it is usually more than a year between the filing of a Divorce Complaint and the commencement of the trial.


Why Does the Process Take So Long?

Once a case is put into the court system for resolution, there are many required procedures and court appearances which must take place in a specified order with designated periods of time, spread out over several months, between each step in the process.

Please click here to view a description of all of the different steps in the process.


How Can the Process Be Shortened?

In a word: settlement. At any point in the process, the parties can elect to resolve all of their disputes, enter into a comprehensive Settlement Agreement, and get divorced.

An added benefit to settlement, of course, is a dramatic reduction in each party’s legal fees and costs, which inevitably increase the longer that the litigation process continues.

Many people are surprised to learn that less than 3% of litigated New Jersey divorce cases are ultimately resolved by a Judge following a trial. Almost all cases settle sooner or later in the litigation process.

More often than not, the parties’ lawyers hold the key to an early settlement. At Salvaggio Law Group, we believe that it is our responsibility at the outset of our representation of each client to identify the client’s goals, provide the client with realistic expectations, and efficiently obtain all of the information and documentation needed to achieve those goals.

Much too often, settlements are delayed because one of the parties’ lawyers has not taken the time to do one or more of these things. The result? Higher legal fees and divorcing parties who are unable to move on with their lives.


At Salvaggio Law Group LLC, we really are here to help.

The staff at Salvaggio were terrific. They helped navigate my custody issue in a timely manner. The best part of the process was that they listened and asked questions so that together we formulated a plan of action that I was comfortable with. I have worked with other attorneys and found the services provided here superior. I would definitely recommend them.

T.T. | Previous Client

I hired Salvaggio Law Group to represent me after my ex-wife filled a post-judgement motion. Salvaggio Law Group was able to draw quick closure to what would have otherwise been a financially and emotionally costly and drawn out endeavor with a rather unreasonable opponent. I couldn’t be more pleased with the manner in which Salvaggio Law Group addressed the post-judgement motion and ultimately got to a favorable outcome. I found the Salvaggio Law Group Team to be professional, knowledgeable, talented and most importantly aligned with what was important to me through this process. I would recommend Salvaggio Law Group to anyone wrestling with the difficulties of divorce and in need of competent and capable representation.

W.W. | Previous Client

No divorce is ever easy. Salvaggio Law Group helped me recognize what is truly important through the process. David's guidance helped me grow as a person and parent. We worked collaboratively on my settlement, where I felt I had a voice in my agreement. I would definitely recommend Salvaggio Law Group to anyone who needs a Divorce and Family Law Firm.

J.G. | Previous Client

The other attorneys did everything in their power to prolong this litigation. But Salvaggio Law Group has been unwavering and has done an outstanding job in spite of their tactics. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants excellent litigators and tireless advocates for justice.

J.D. | Previous Client

As with any divorce, no one party ends up getting everything that they want. Salvaggio Law Group really focused on what was important to me and really made sure that those concerns were addressed during the process. They also made sure that I got out of a bad situation ASAP with the least amount of pain (financial and emotional) as possible. All the court filings were thorough and they presented my case very well. I would definitely recommend Salvaggio Law Group to anyone who needs the best legal representation in a divorce.

A.J. | Previous Client

What impressed me most about Salvaggio Law Group LLC was their knowledge and professionalism. I was extremely satisfied with their handling of my case. The whole staff was always ready and willing to help as needed. I wish that I did not have to go through the divorce, but I am happy that Salvaggio Law Group handled my case. They were exceptional.

J.V. | Previous Client

I would definitely refer someone to Salvaggio Law Group LLC. I work with many attorneys as part of my profession and found them to be talented, well versed in the law, and good negotiators who ensured that a fair and reasonable outcome was achieved. They were always better prepared and more knowledgeable than the other side's attorney. They also showed me how I could save time and legal fees by doing a lot of the documentation work myself. All of my calls and e-mails to Salvaggio Law Group were promptly addressed, and their interactions with me were always very professional and courteous.

P.F. | Previous Client

When Salvaggio Law Group agreed to represent me in my custody case, I was at the end of my rope. My ex-wife had custody of our two young children, who were suffering terribly because of her instability and failure to properly take care of them. They took the time to get all of the facts, really listened to what I had to say and worked long and hard to get me custody. I could not be happier, and my children are much better off. If you have a tough child custody case, hire Salvaggio Law Group!

G.B. | Previous Client

I hired Salvaggio Law Group, after my ex-wife filed a Motion to force me to pay additional child support and college expenses. My ex-wife was being represented by another supposedly “prominent” Morris County Divorce Law Firm. Salvaggio Law Group immediately focused on the clear deficiencies in the other side’s Motion, submitted a great set of papers to the Judge and was able to get the Motion dismissed in its entirety. Needless to say, I was tremendously happy with the job that they did for me and would definitely recommend Salvaggio Law Group to anyone else who needs the best Divorce and Family Law Firm in New Jersey.

J.C. | Previous Client